Miler Club 2019

Are you ready to run?  The Miler Club is returning to MES on Friday, December 6th.  MES students will have an opportunity to participate in the Miler Club during Friday recess from December 6th - January 24th.  Students may voluntarily run/jog/walk as many 1/4 mile lap loops as they want during their 30 minute recess time.  Gym shoes are required to participate.  Students earn rewards for miles logged during Miler Club time.  Check out club details below:

  • Students receive credit for every lap completed only when their unique barcode slap bracelet is scanned.  All students will receive a bracelet from their homeroom teacher. 
  • Laps earned on designated Miler Club dates are combined together for a grand total per students. 
  • Students earn award for every 2 miles that they complete.
  • Students are limited to laps earned within a single 30 minute window of time per Miler Club date. 
  • Rewards are as follows:
    • 2 Miles = Bottle Decal
    • 4 Miles = Bracelet
    • 6 Miles = Backpack Tag
    • 8 Miles = Miler Club T-Shirt
    • 10 Miles = Join Legend Board