What is Beta Club? 

To promote the ideals of academic achievement, character, service and leadership among elementary and secondary school students. 

Achievement: Recognizing and honoring high academic achievement 

Character: Preparing young people for life and empowering them to be successful 

Leadership: Developing the leaders of tomorrow 

Service: Demonstrating our motto: Let Us Lead by Serving Others 

How can I get into Beta Club? 

Model a character of integrity, leadership, service and academic achievement 

● Complete a membership application form 

● Receive approval from the Beta Club selection committee 

● Establish & maintain a 90 average in content area classes and have no significant disciplinary issues

● Be a fourth or fifth grade student at McAllister Elementary School 

What must I do if I am in Beta Club? 

Continue to model a character of integrity, leadership, service, and academic achievement

● Maintain a 90 classroom average in content area classes 

● Complete 1 Beta Club sponsored community service project per academic year and individual service hours to equal a minimum of 5 hours. 

● Submit the service hours by the due date predetermined by the sponsor to the BETA Google Form.

● Be actively present at all Beta Club meetings (1 unexcused absence per academic year) 

How can I get dismissed from Beta Club? 

Do not complete the minimum required hours of service 

● Do not maintain a 90 academic average in content area classes. 

Grades will be checked at the end of each grading period. A student will be placed on probation for one grading period in order to regain the 90 average. If a student is unable to re-establish the grade average, the student will be dismissed from Beta Club with the option to apply for readmission at the next academic semester.

● Two unexcused absences, per academic year, from the Beta Club meetings. Please let your club sponsors know through Remind if you will be absent from BETA Club meetings.