Summer Learning

Over the Summer let’s remember to:

  • Stay a Reader! Read everything you can, and read what makes you happy.

  • Ask questions! Learn more about the world around you by asking all about it.

  • Stay Active! Go outside, keep your body healthy and play!

  • Stay Creative! Sing, Dance, and create art with anything you have available. 

Check out our Summer Learning Website! 

  • Find skills that you can work on for the grade level that you are leaving!

  • Find fun websites and activities to keep those skills fresh! 

  • Revisit some of your favorite Specials activities from the year!

  • Find recommended books to keep you reading!

  • Find the coolest Tech tools around. These will keep your techie mind going! 

Stay in touch! Keep up with us on social media so you can see us all summer long!

Find our Summer Resources Website by clicking on the Summer Learning Resources button on the MES Homepage or click the link here.